What is computer | Full Defecation from topiste.com

What is computer | Full Defecation from topiste.com

The computer is an electronic device. Whose work is to process, follow, analyze, and act according to our instructions. The computer is a Greek word that means computing or calculating.

A computer is an electronic machine that receives information and data from input devices and processes the process by displaying the input through the input.

The computer is a useful and timely tool for modernization. Which easily calculates the calculating question and the complex statistical issue, according to the instructions and instructions provided, then the results of these accounts either show or reserve it.

Computer types

There are three types of computers. Analog Computer, Digital Computer, High Bradcomputer

Analog Computer Analog Computer is the first computer. Which smoothed the path of modern digital computers. Analog receives computer data in waves. Analog data consists of the distance of distance, speed, pressure, tipچرure, liquid or gas flow rate, the intensity of current, voltage and physical quantities. Most used for computer engineering and scientific research are used. These computers are very fast.

Digital Computer works on computer data, characters, and special signs. That is, in the form of digital computer data. Modern digital computers are available in many sizes and different formats. Usually, digital computers are used in schools, colleges, universities, offices, and homes. Data and information in large quantities can be configured in digital computers. Digital computer analysis is very accurate.

Hybrid Computer has developed an excellent feature computer by integrating faster computer speed and digital computer storage and accuracy. Which is called High Bradcomputer, is used for medical inquiry in comprehensive hospitals, airplanes, missiles and military weapons etc.

 Analog and digital computing main difference

Analog computer data is available while digital computer data is available. Analog computing measurements and quantities are calculated in digital. Analog computer works very fast while digitally accelerated. Analog computer memory is limited, while digital computer memory is too high.

Computer Generations of Computer

We can split the computer into five periods. Which are as follows.

The first round of computer 1959 - 1942

Vacuum tubes used in the earlier computers were used as a high-speed switch. In 1943 Aninnaq (ENIAC) electronic pneumatic integrator and calculator were developed at Pencil Via University. In 1949 the first computer adic (EDSAC) was created. Then in 1952, another computer adobe (EDVAC) was created.

In 1951, it started working with a well-known computer (UNIVAC-1), Universal Automotive Computer. The earlier periods of computers were the following errors (1) Large size. (2) slow speed. (3) low level of trust. (4) Maximum power consumption. (5) Hard Repair

 Computer second round 1965 - 1959

The second time of computer came into existence with the transistor technology. Vacuum tubing transit stays are small, fast and low cost. So computer using transistor was created. Who used to complete their work in the second half. These computers used high-level lines for the first time. For example, fortune, cobalt, and biscuits. Other remote computers include HoneyWell, ICL and GE 636, 645 etc.

Computer's third round of 1972 - 1965

In the 60s, microelectronics started with the arrival of IC (i.e.) integrated circuit. Therefore, the use of IC used computer deficit, cost, and power spending significantly. In this way, these computers also have the ability to store data. Their performance also became more reliable. This era of computers includes the IBM-360 series, the ICL-1900 and the PDP-8 series.

Computer's fourth round of 1980 - 1972

The introduction of the microprocessor started becoming a very low-cost computer. And his
Size too decreased. The US Intel Corporation has developed the first microprocessor inlet 4004 in 1971. It was a 4-bit microprocessor. In 1973, the 8-bit microprocessor was developed. Clive Sinclair then started a new era of Personal Computer (PC) by producing ZX-80 and ZX-81 computers at a very low price. Another computer of this era Apple was developed in 1976. In addition, there are key computers in Commodore, IBM-3033,4300, Cyber 205, Sharp PC-1211 etc.

The fifth round of computer 1980 and later

The biggest mistake of computing until the fourth period was that computers were inclined to think. And this was a problem for scientists for a period of time. This step was taken in the fifth round of the computer. Now computers will be able to think, argue, learn, and decide the ability to decide. A large number of machines (VLSI) circuits will be used in these machines. Thus, artificial intelligence and exit systems will be a major part of the fifth-generation computers

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