The economic situation of the country is very bad |

The economic situation of the country is very bad

The economic situation of the country is very bad |
The economic situation of the country is very bad |

Sardar Patel 

Sardar Patel had made CBI look at the corruption of government officials under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, today the government has made it a super police. There was no buzz and Salon could not then give it to the CBI. Now it is possible to give everything to the CBI. The CBI has become a huge 'tantra' today. Earlier it was reported to the Interior Minister, now reports directly to Prime Minister. Today CBI, IB, Rai etc. 'Tantra' is very powerful and their fear can show anyone. In the unconstitutional case, the Supreme Court directed that the CBI director would not appoint the Prime Minister to make a three-member committee. The Prime Minister, the opposition leader, the Supreme Court Chief Justice and the CBI Director will be car fixed.

Alok Verma 

Alok Verma was a police commissioner of Delhi. CBI director was appointed a year later. There is a Rushisha Sahib, a Gujarati cadre, who inquired about the case with the Goddess, and removed Amit Shah and Narendra Modi's throat and said that there is no fault. It is a great blessing on his Shah- Modi. Modiji set the rank in the CBI in office two. At the same time, Ulok Verma had complained that he had inquiry against him, is FIR filed, should not be lodged in the NGO. The number one Alok Verma, the number two Rishesh Stana, the number three Arun Kumar Sharma was in the CBI. The church is that Amit Shah used to threaten the people with Arun Sharma.

The CBI has always been wrong

The CBI has always been wrong. It is not like that Narendra Modi started it. Indra Gandhi used to be misused during the time of Gandhi. But abuse will reach this height, the CBI director will never even imagine it. There was a news that Alok Varma was investigating Rafael Dell, for the purpose of sending the case to Nishtar on Tuesday night, he was tried by Modi. The case was registered in Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ordered the CVC to submit a report after completing two weeks. Monitoring of the examination will be the retired judge of the Supreme Court, A.P. Patrick. It took place on a rampant and also on the CVC. The Chief Minister made the CBI nominating Nagyishore Rao. Their record is also bad. The Supreme Court has said that it can only see the daily work, no policy can be discharged. The court has tied their hands too. I'm sorry, this situation is very sad for the administration of the country. The horrible situation is not in the country.

In 2014 the Congress had 44 seats

In 2014 the Congress had 44 seats. The opposition leader should have 50 seats to be ranked. The BJP's people did not show leadership opposition to the Malakaranj division showing little thought. If Jahar Lal was Nehru, Indra Gandhi, then the opposition without giving any status of opposition was in such a situation. The BJP had started showing such lightweight since the first day itself. From the first day, he indicated that we are a small man, we are a light man. Not eligible to rule over this country. The people of the Sangh need the people of the BJP everywhere. Now that judge will be found. Singh does not read so much that he becomes a judge. The Judge is to make this, the collegium whose name will be recommended.

The BJP has gone beyond Indra. 

Today, the BJP has gone beyond Indra. Indra Gandhi made an emergency. The newspaper was prohibited, was the censorship. But today there is no immigration emergency. Amit Shah works hard and hard. Yes, some investors, who have some problem, do some positive work for them too. Rupees Rs 100 crores work. This new study system must be studied over the past four years. I'm not a man, I am speaking. The BJP spoke to Nehru anything, Nehru and Indra Gandhi knew their limits. They knew what we could do, can not.

Modi said without consulting anyone, he was notified without talking to anyone on 8 November 2016. The second What is the result? Now people will be joking. Even then people like me said that by changing the note, we should not understand any difference in the economy. Indra Gandhi asked apology from the country after Emergency. Murder is not a powerful force. After that, he told Jaitley to apply GST quickly. Immediately, it expired from July 1, 2017. One was from Crawlaplay, climbed above. In these two ways, the economic condition is not yet sustainable, it has been darkened.

Ask any small business, small industry or medium industry, they are unhappy. Professionals are unhappy, workers are unhappy, farmers are upset. Who is happy then I say the trust of the country has been drowned. There is no such class that can assure that India is doing well. Even if the price of petrol is slightly lower in the international market, we have the tax on it that the price of petrol is touching the sky. Still, they are not talking about the public. Ultimately argue that the person who has a businessman's money, he also has a petrol. They are forgetting that people buy cars on EMI, do they take petrol on EMI? Today, Modi does not have any acoustic adviser. Who is making economic policy? No answer will be answered.
Today, Modi's leadership is rich and American. Adani and Amani, who is right. What the United States says is right. Still, do not talk about the interest of the country. What is the benefit of the Bullet train? No one is beneficial. It's just Modi's Ego. The country is running for a man's ego. Amit Shah says to his friends, as long as sir is not angry with me. The election is coming, you will know. If you are happy in the past four years then you will win again. But the new prime minister will be, whether Modi is himself, whether BJP or the other, you have raised its problems. It will be difficult to get rid of it. No one is fine for you.

Modi Ji Sardar Patel and Netaji Bose appreciate. That's why you do not have their fans. If you feel that Patel's statue is made, the rivers flow, or the boom becomes smaller, it is not so. What did Patel do? Patel said the UK's administration system will remain the same. After passing the exam, 50-60 people will have to set the cadre when they come. It will not be that the state of the country will be there. Spring man gets posted in Kerala, Kerala's person is in the post. The first law is that language is learned. It was the National Integration - the sense of national solidarity. If Modi's bus goes, make Gujarati a national language. Nehru's people who sow Nehru sank.

There is 85 percent of Hindus in this country. Looking at the country? What is a little less to speak against Muslims? Mohan Bhagwat said that Hindu is nothing but a Muslim. The BJP is now the Confederation. Do not you understand why they are? But think This is a four thousand years old country. Democracy is going on for 70 years, the constitution is going on. You are the 14th Prime Minister. Prime Minister will continue to come ahead of you. Keep your limit in your limit. The situation is still very bad. The rupee is weakened. Petrol prices are increasing. It's not easy to handle this situation. Prime Minister, think something, do something.

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