Negative effects of Internet addiction

Negative effects of Internet addiction

Negative effects of Internet addiction

At present, if a scientific progress is spoken, it is definitely the Internet. That is why this language is common and special that the Internet is far off. The Internet is also one of the most popular scientific inventions. The Internet has a key role in creating GlobalWorld. Communications or delivery of messages and information is not only easy to access from all over the Internet. The net is meant to be and the world has come across the wreck of this unseen. It is not possible for anyone to get out. There is a lot of human life that can not interfere with the Internet.

At present, the element of genetic disorder and religious disadvantage in the young class is heading. It also plays a major role on the Internet. The Internet has undoubtedly reduced the visits. But these tours have decreased in the artificial world of the Internet. In the real and real world, it has created a space that grows daily. A child is apparently sitting in front of the parents' eyes, but with the help of his mobile or personal computer, he has reached somewhere else. Gaya has absorbed his existence by computer or mobile. In this case, there is another complication in parent monitoring and oversight of viewers. It is that if a child develops anxiety and disturbances in the real world, it can not ignore the eyes of society nor parents can be unaware of his misconception. But in the Internet world, the panic is without any trenches. There is no arrangement for oversight and monitoring. You can see anything. Can show anything Anyone can increase the mail. Anyone can view the relationship with them. Without fear that someone is watching my movements.

Unfortunately, like every invention, the Internet is getting used. Which has proven this useful thing globally for human society? Especially newborns and children are suffering from it. Man's passionate soul is reading cold by these hazardous effects. Education activities are suspended. The moral and cultural structure is associated with Shakti and Rekht. The social behavior of the person has changed forever. His reply was limited to a society by the end of the society. 

Due to the Internet, it has expanded its connection to a large extent. She has come to know about some negative thinking and wrong path. Which is unfair from its social and religious point of view. It is not hidden from anyone that the larger part of the material that comes in front of our eyes is a set of sexuality. Dynamic and non-dynamic pornographic pictures are visible. Even to get religious information and spiritual emotions, there are also a few awesome scenes.

Research has acknowledged that the use of the Internet is a tent of various psychological illnesses. Some people offer an internet connection of 40% to 80% of their time. And sometimes the duration covers 20 hours

The Internet has become a drug addict. Internet addiction is on the third level after Alkohol and Drugs. Addiction is not good at all. Thousands of people are victimized in the addiction world.

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