Modern syllabus of Islamic School Islamic Madrasas

Modern syllabus of Islamic School Islamic Madrasas.

Modern syllabus of Islamic School Islamic Madrasas
Modern syllabus of Islamic School Islamic Madrasas

Islamic Madrassa should not be given only religious education to its required modern subjects so that the graduate can not only prophesy and religion serve but not only mosques o Madrassas but also on other palaces. They provide various fields in the salary opportunities so that the message of religion and Sunnah can be delivered to those people. Those misunderstanding related to Ahle Sunnat al Jama "should be finished. The graduates do not suffer from economic misery. And the religious education is for protection beliefs and for the education law not for acquisition of salary.

Now Ahle Sunnat al Jama "is needed in a teaching center where religious education, as well as modern education, should be given so that the graduates can perform all types of guidance such as religious, political, economic of Muslims and the graduates can for its appropriation to other sectors instead of Masajid and Madaris so that we can get different fields of promotion Islam and Sunnis.

A million scholars are graduated every year in India and more. While mosques and Madaris are limited. Of course, in the present term, graduate madrassas will suffer from unemployment. In such a situation, people will disconnect their children from madrassa education. Rather, the wealthy man has expelled his children from the teachings of Madrassa Islamia. Often, due to inadequate arrangements of Madrassas Islamia, the riches have gone away from Islamia. Ulama and researchers believe this fact. But not the proper strategy was adopted yet. Some tips and modern educational syllabus and system are following.

Guidelines and tips.

(1) The department of Alim and Fazil's curriculum will be eight years old. The certificate of alimiyat on completion of Class 6 and the certification of Fazilat on completion of class 8 will be given.

(2) The students will be given mathematical examination in class 6 and Intermediate final examination in class 8.

(3) Each class has ten subjects and eight parades. Five articles of Dars e Nizami and Five Articles of the school syllabus.

(4) Education of five subjects of teaching will be every day. Four articles will be within 3 days a week from modern articles. And English education will be every day. Three days grammar and three days will be taught. For five modern articles like this, only 3 parades will be required every day and every class needs eight parades.

Essential modern subjects.

(1) English 
(2) Mathematics 
(3) Social Science 
(4) Science.

Optional modern subjects.

In addition to the above mentioned mandatory school subjects, any of the following subjects will be included in the syllabus.

(1) Geography 
(2) History 
(3) Hindi 
(4) Contra. 

The organizer chooses to use some of the most useful subjects as per won choice.

A number of teachers.

(1) Parade of modern subjects is in every class. Three parades will be every day in eight classes this will require a teacher.

(2) Five parades of Islamic Studies will be in every class. Forty parades will be every day in class 8. This will require six teachers.

(3) Total of ten teachers will need. Must be a teaching staff with eleven members of an additional teacher.

(4) Because only the department of Alimiyat should be admitted. Therefore, a scholar and teacher will be required for the first class, then a class will be each year and accordingly, the teacher "number will increase.

The configuration of modern subjects.

The first class, the second class, the third class, the fourth class, the fifth class, the sixth class, the seventh class, the eighth class.

(1) The subjects of the fifth class will be in the department of Alimiyat and Fazilat 's first class. Accordingly, the subjects often classes will be included as a syllabus. Students will be given SSLC examination in eighth class. In this year, students will also get successful completion of the SSLC certificates after the SSL examination.

(2) The subjects of the first year will be in the course of the curriculum of Alimiyat and Fazilat's seven class. And the subjects of the second year will be intermediate in the curriculum in the eighth class. Students will be given certification of fazilat in the grade of eighth. On this year, students will also receive PUC certificates after successful completion of PUC certification.


(1) Urdu medium English medium books will be available, or the books of.

(2) Since students of different states of India get the education in the madrasas Islamia. So, that is why it is better to enter English medium books. State-based education, such as Telugu, etc., is not suitable for the madrasa Islamia language. Then the second benefit will be that the students will get power over the English and self-confidence also.

School Examination

(1) The Mathematics and Intermediate Examination will also be given through Open School SO that the class continues to be customized.

(2) If a school a college permanent attendance allows metric and intermediate then it will be better than open school.

(3) The management will also be administered for the preparation of other exam subjects in addition to the course, courses for the mathematics and intermediate exam topics.

(4) Open school management is in all states. The curriculum is also available in English medium and other languages. There are details in the website of open school. The open school executive center and studios are all major cities in India. Students only have to examine. There are five four subjects only.

(5) Government service requires a certificate of Metric and Intermediate.

Institutional examination.

(1) Two classes will be held in each class. (1) Half Yearly (2) Annual.

(2) The educational quantity of all the textbooks will be specified. Half yearly and annual

The examination will be until a specified quantity.

(4) Each subject will be examined from Islamic education which includes the syllabus.

Internal and subdivisions sectors.

(1) At first class, we will read only admit children who have read Nazra Quran "n, Urdu and some classes in school.

(2) The one-year special class will be arranged for children who do not understand English class so that they can be the first class in the next class.

(3) The one-year-old dinyaat course will be for children who read some elementary classes but not read Nazra Quran and Urdu.

(4) The department of Alimiyat will be admitted in the first class. There is no chance to admit in the middle class of department of alimiyat. Accordingly, every year a class will grow and students in the eighth year class fazilat.

Details of another department.

(1) Department of Hifz
(2) Department Tajweed o qirat 
(3) Department Diniyaat 
(4) special class.

Department of Tajweed and Qirat.

(1) Department of Tajweed and Qirat will be one-year. The syllabus is given.

Half Yearly

  1.  Marfatul Tajweed 
  2.  Ziyaul Qirat 
  3.  mashqe qiart 
  4.  Ijra e qwaid 
  5.  tarbiyat Imamiyat

  1. Fawaid e mechanic
  2. Jamaeul waqqof 
  3. Mashque e qirat 
  4. tarafiyat Imamiyat
  5. Marfatur Rusum

Department of Diniyaat

Department of Diniyaat will be one-year only. This department will be for children who did not read Nazra Quran and Elementary Urdu and some classes in school. The syllabus is given.

Half Yearly

(1) Nazra Quran 
(2) Tashi Huroof o Sifaat 
(3) Tamir e adab awal
(4) masnoon dua 
(5) Urdu Imla 
(6) Namaz Panjgana ka tariqa.


(1) Nazra Quran 
(2) Anwar e Shariath 
(3) Tamir e adab dom 
(4) Sirat e Nabi 
(5) Namz e Ediain Juma and Janaza.

Special class

The special class will be one-year only. This department will be for children who did not educate elementary education in school. And also read Urdu and Nazra. The syllabus is given blew.

Half year

(1) Elementary English 
(2) Hissab 
(3) Hindi 
(4) Contra 
(5) Social Science 
(6) History.

Days of education and holidays

The institute will be started since 11 shawl. A half yearly examination will be from 1 Rabiul awal to 10.

 Annual examination will be from 1 shabanul Moazzam to 10

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