Indian people are getting cancerous disease, this is the reason

According to a study report, cancer cases in India are constantly increasing. Let's learn how to stay safe from cancer ...

Indian people are getting cancerous disease, this is the reason
Indian people are getting the cancerous disease, this is the reason

In India, there has been an increase of 15.7% in cases of cancer in the last six years and this has been revealed in a study report. According to the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, Indian Council of Medical Research, about 11.5 lakh cases of cancer have been reported across the country this year. The cancer of the lip and mouth cavity has increased by 114 percent in a particular six-year period.

Mouth cancer is cancer that can occur in any part of the mouth, including lips, tongue, cheeks, sinus, forex, rigid and soft palate etc. Use of tobacco is the biggest risk factor for mouth cancer. These include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and smelling tobacco.

Dr. K. K., President of the Heart Care Foundation (HCFI) K. Agarwal said, "Using oral tobacco can lead to oral precancerous legions such as Oral Submucous fibrosis, which can increase the risk of cancer in the mouth of the user, apart from it can also cause other infections in the mouth of the user. is.

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He said, "The use of smokeless tobacco (SLT) in India is a major cause of tobacco-related diseases, in which mouth cavities, esophagus (food pipe) and pancreatic cancer are the main causes. SLT not only causes adverse health effects Rather, put a big financial burden. "

Dr. Agarwal said, "The use of SLT with blisters is a common trend in India and as it has been said in the beginning that Pan and Gutka are two common forms of SLT, which are used in the bell, which is carcinogenic , Which has carcinogenic properties, i.e. there are other adverse effects besides cancer-producing properties.

What to do to prevent cancer?

  1. Do not use tobacco. If you do, take immediate action to leave this habit.
  2. Consume alcohol consumption in restraint. Avoid contact with the sun for long periods of time.
  3. Use Lip Balm with 30 or more SPF before going to the sun.
  4. Avoid consuming junk and processed foods.
  5. Take the initiative to make healthy food, including fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Take nicotine replacement therapy with things like lozenges, nicotine gums. "

They said, "Find out when and where the desire for smoking is greater, try to avoid such situations, chew sugar gums, hard candy, raw carrots, celery, nuts or sunflower seeds, be physically active. Tobacco counts can be overcome by going up and down the stairs.

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