How to Remove Dandruff Permanently | Remove Fast |

How to Cure Dandruff Permanently  | Remove  Fast |
How to Cure Dandruff Permanently  | Remove  Fast |

Winter's hair starts falling in winter. There may be different reasons, including washing water from hot water and not taking care of hair cleaning. Hair starts falling down when the hair is dry. It is better to treat hairstyle for a while.

By the way the head is very common, resulting in a disorder, and this problem is not limited to women, but men and women also face it and using new shampoo to avoid it. Are there
Usually, due to lack of care or hair problems, it is usually due to embarrassment in the presence of people outside of the house, especially if the raw materials and gallows are out of the water. can do.

By this, some simple but interesting breaks of salvation are very helpful, which are present service. With the help of the following things, you can completely eliminate your hairstyle.


Aspirin is a drug full of ingredients (Sally Kie leak acid), which are part of the shampoo that rescues most of the drugs. Grind the 2 pillars of aspirin and make a saffron shape and add as much shampoo to take it on the head, let the mixture be kept for one or two minutes on your hair and then drain well. Wash the head with simple shampoo, you will be surprised to see its effect.

Food soda

Your kitchen is hiding inside the inner head and the closure of the hair. Just wet your hair and then rub it in a fist, rub rubbing the soda, leaving the shampoo and wash the hair. This soda prevents anti-inflammatory elements. It may be possible that your hair may dry after washing the sud, but after a few weeks, your hair will start producing natural oil, which will soften and dry.

Apple curry

Hair experts claim that the apple head of apples in Iraq is the best solution to a headache because it provides acidity in the head to make changes that there is difficulty to produce a drug. Add a quarter cup of this quarter to the fourth cup spray bottle and sprinkled on your head. Wrap the towel on your head and sit comfortably for fifteen minutes and after which the head dals normally. Doing this process twice a week will make a smile forever.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil proves tasting and effective treatment of nutrition, while its aroma also goes on mood on the mood. Before bathing, massage the three to five teaspoons of coconut oil and let it stay for an hour. After that, dump the head with shampoo, in addition to using such a shampoo
By doing so can increase the efficiency of coconut oil as well.


To save from the nose, take two spoons of spoon or juice of lime on your head and drain it with water. After that, add a teaspoon juice in a cup of water and overflow your head with it. Use this procedure every day as long as the drug is not eliminated. The acidity in the lime balances the surface of the hydrogen on your head, which leads to disturbing the drug.


Before shampoo, normal salt can rub rubbish or play a great role in eliminating salt. Take salt and sprinkle some amount of salt on your head and then spread it into hair, after which you can smash some time. Shortly after washing the head with shampoo feel a wonderful effect.


To eradicate your vomiting, massage the oil or gel of the liquid before the shampoo. The potatoes factor in potato vera is helpful in saving it from the outer.


Garlic fungal prevention proves to be the best for the end of the bacteria which also causes this skin. Grinding garlic and grinding it on your head, To avoid the smell, add honey to the grated garlic and then rub the head after which the dust is drained normally.

Olive Oil

It is the old sticks of dry olive oil in the night, after the past two decades of dry olive oil, grab ten diameters of olive oil on the head and rub it in a hat or towel. Dush up the head and wake up the head in a few days, you will run away from you, but if you want the immediate effect, prefer a shampoo which includes olive oil.

Note: This article has been published to increase the reader's information. The doctor should get advice from the doctor before following any suggestion.

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