How to Avoid Cyber Crime?

How to Avoid Cyber Crime?

How to Avoid Cyber Crime?
How to Avoid Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is also known as Computer Crime

Cyber Crime is also known as Computer Crime. Criminal activities caused by computers and the internet come into a category of cyber-crime. The hacker sitting somewhere far away from cyber-crime can steal your public or important business documents or your private key information through the internet and computer. Cyber Crime also includes non-financial crimes. Such as email spamming, mailing for a specialty, publicizing secret documents of a company, spreading viruses via mail, enhancing portfolio, IRC (Internet relay chat) Group chat to perform wrong tasks, increase software privacy, and bring any wrong step by computer and internet to troubleshoot ordinary citizens. As the site name appears to be a fraudulent site, it is a false website that has an interface like your bank's website, shopping site or a measurement gateway. To make online purchases or any online transactions as soon as you do your credit card, debit card, internet banking user's username, login password, transit password or OTPP engineer, it will make this information sufficient. And later it can be used for any wrong work, which you and we do not understand how to make this wrong transaction? The fraudulent website operation is done by crime logs of a logical group.

Today, the entire world is connected with one another through the internet and computer, which has many advantages and there are many risks as well. Such as theft of the Internet, the fraud and the virus etc. Cyber Crime decreases the risk of hunting some important dots below.

If you use the Internet in your computer, first of all, save your private computer from the password, which no other person could use to use your computer for your knowledge. If your computer is not safe, the creator or someone can steal the necessary information from your computer and use them for the wrong tasks.

Always use extremely hard passwords in your computer, which does not easily find anyone, because Cyber Carnal programmers develop software programs that can easily pass the password of your password. To save me, you set a password that can not be compared to another and you can also remember it easily. Your passwords have at least eight words that are a combination of iron cases, upper case, numbers, and special characters. If you use multiple accounts, use separate passwords for everyone, anytime your password, name, address, street number, birthday, the name of the candidate, school name or number of your car But do not make it easy to guess by others.

Never use your internet banking and breaking transactions at general places such as cybercafe, office, park, general meeting, and crowded spot. Use your private computer or laptop for any kind of banking transactions. Whenever you apply your internet banking or any necessary account, do not forget to log out of your account and log in to your account when you are applying it to the computer after typing the password. Do not click option password or cap login.

Do not respond to any spam email, never open or open the minute minutes in the e-mail, or do not click on the link on it. This may have a virus or a program that can be controlled by your computer as you click, or the virus may cause a virus to detect your computer and corrupt your operating system.

If you open a popup on a website and offer a gift or awards to you, do not fill out your personal information or bank account number or any bank related information. Do you want to take advantage of an offer? So contact the Direct Retailer website, retail icon or another site.

In today's era, the Internet is very important for us but openly invites most unsuccessful scams on the Internet for cyber-crime. Hopefully, if you take care of these carefully, you can avoid being cyber-crime and benefit from any problems facing your online accounts and transactions.

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