Home remedies to relieve constipation naturally 2018

Constipation home remedies

Home remedies to relieve constipation naturally 2018
Home remedies to relieve constipation naturally 2018 

There are different kinds of people who are seen in the world who are very fresh and bright, but they know only about their body. There is an old saying that no one is happy with the person whose stomach is clean and there is no debt at all. The face can be cleaned with powder, cream, lipstick etc. But the freshness of the inside can not be made. Finding the freshness inside the body is a very enjoyable experience. There is a problem in all the problems inside the body which is the most common, which we know as constipation. So let us talk about constipation which prevents us from experiencing the freshness inside our body.
constipation is a serious problem associated with digestive system which can affect the people of any age group. But the specialty of constipation disease is that its patients can control it by improving routine and adopting some home remedies.

What is constipation

Due to constipation, the patient's stomach can not be cleaned properly, because of the constipation due to excessive absorption of fluid in the descending intestines, the dry and hard stool becomes more accustomed to them, due to which the person is stuck There is a lot of difficulty in sacrificing. The patient is not cleared of defecation, the feces dries out and in small quantities. When the toilets are spent, or when they are sitting for hours. Where people usually do defecation at least once a day, the patient of the constipation can not bow for many days. Being simple means constipation means that the stomach is not properly cleaned or there is less fluid in the body.

Reasons for constipation

  1. The habit of eating unnecessary food,
  2. Eating fried maida food, fast chilly-spiced dessert
  3. Constant Painkillers or Norrkotis or Painkillers
  4. Drink less water and do not chew properly with food
  5. Eating in a state of mental stress, anxiety, anger or grief
  6. Lack of fiber diet in food
  7. Hormonal disturbances, Thyroid or Sugar disease
  8. Eat food again without digesting food
  9. To eat more tea, coffee, tobacco, cigarette alcohol etc.
  10. Do not Exercise At All To Keep Lifestyle Lifestyle
  11. Drink cold water of the fridge immediately after eating
  12. Late in the night, eating a bed, eating food

After the symptoms, let us now know the symptoms of the constipation and the easy-to-use tips.

  • Hard and dry stool
  • Less than 3 times a week of bowel movements
  • It hurts while taking bowel movements
  • Stomach ache
  • Headache
  • Gas in the stomach
  • Indigestion
  • Problems of Piles that occur frequently due to excessive stress during bowel movement
  • Jiggle and loss of appetite
  • Needing to be very strong in bowel movement
  • Even after bowel movement there is still something left to do
  • Tickle up in the stomach
  • Pain in the legs
  • Vomit
  • dizziness
  • Smell of smell
  • Acidity
  • Mumps in the mouth
  • Having depression
  • Back pain
  • Feeling too weak
  • Heaviness in the stomach
  • Increase of blood pressure
  • Barking.

Now we know how to get relief from constipation.

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking less water can cause constipation. In this problem the stool is dried in the intestines, and it has to be emphasized for bowel movement. Patients with constipation should drink more and more water. Put the habit of drinking 4 liters of water in one day. Do not drink water while eating food and instead you can drink water half an hour before eating it.

2. Copper

Fill the water in the copper vessel and put 1 teaspoon triphala powder in it and keep it overnight. In the morning without eating anything, this water should be filtered and drunk. Regular use of this experiment provides relief in chronic old constipation.

3. Eat papaya guava

If there is a complaint of constipation, then you must take papaya and guava and eat it. The properties of both of us benefit to our stomach.

4. lemonade

Squeeze one lemon into a cup of light hot water and drink it helps in the removal of the secretions in the intestines.

5. Almond

Almond oil also benefits in the problem of constipation. This increases the intake capacity of the intestines. Before sleeping, drink 1 teaspoon of almond oil in lukewarm milk and drink it. Chronic constipation is also cured by performing this remedy for 15 days continuously.

6. Fibrous diet

Fibrous food should be eaten. Fiber is more in green leafy vegetables, fruits and salads. Spinach juice is also beneficial to get rid of constipation.

7. Hot milk

At night, drinking hot milk should sleep. If the stool is stuck in the intestines, then mix the castor oil in the milk and drink it.

8. Munkka

Boil 12 seeds out of the seeds boil and drink milk and boil it. By the morning your constipation will open.

9. Orange

Eating the stomach orange juice in the morning for 8-10 days will end the old constipation. But yes nothing is mixed in the orange juice.

10. Isabgol husk

The gram of Isabgol in 10 grams of 125 grams dissolve in curd and after eating in the evening in the evening, constipation is exhausted.

11. Exercise

Regular exercises related to stomach will help to relieve problems of constipation and other problems in the stomach and other body.

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