Hemorrhoids Treatment Tips, and Care at home | Topiste.com

Hemorrhoids Treatment Tips, and Care at home  | Topiste.com
Hemorrhoids Treatment Tips, and Care at home  | Topiste.com

The disease caused by malaria trains is called 'hemorrhoids' This disease is more frequent in the cold season than heat because we usually drink less water in the winter. Due to the nature of the body in the body, there is an error in the intestines, which appears in the form of a ghost. Happiness causes trouble.


The use of permanent occupation, stimulant, poultry, syrup, and addiction items, continuous food for fasting and medication, cheaper, sliced, and other causes in women, as well as obesity and during pregnancy are also the source of hemorrhoids. Drugs, cola beverages, bakery products, large-scale meat-free dishes, beans, pulses, tea, and cigarettes also cause immense damage.

People of Pakistan and India eat plenty of spicy foods. The lack of memory, continuity, linkage, and balance in system life is a major cause of this disease. While eating non-balanced foods, eating time, without hunger, drinking in small amounts. Other problems or depression may also cause a liver to make fresh blood in the air. There may also be diabetes. Staying on the chair for a long time is also included.

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Be careful

Keep 6 to 10 glasses of water in daily routine. Take advantage of empty stomach tea and cigarettes.

Add vegetable vegetables essential as per season and every meal.

Cook the meat always in the vegetable.

Women like rice and ladies make coffee instead of sharp spices while plowing and making breeds.

After leaving the food, leave the habit of sleeping and dying.
Keep cool drinks away from the cabinets.


Drinking a drink of this water in Chiranandar's murder, watering an hour before the morning breakfast reduces the intensity of old hemorrhoids. Most people in Europe and Asia use salads to boast and kill the assassin's murderers.

Eagle 5-7 seeds of fig in the night by night and drinking water and not only drinking water from all kinds of hemorrhoids but also protects forever from the attack of Behavior.

Olive oil specializes in hemorrhoids. If you become a sage and grain, apply the generous oil and genetic paste above them. Apply on the anal with at least three times a day. Burning, irritation, and pain will be fed up. Use olive oil in the food. In a morning or evening, take a teaspoon of olive oil at once. The occupation and the arbitrator is morale and intestine.

The food is very useful in food. The doctor of Allaah  said, "It cleanses the stomach in such a way that some of you wash your face with water and removes it from it." It is a great example because it contains a wide variety of fiber. It stirs in the stomach and spreads the intestine by generating loads of intestinal intestines.

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