Benefits of drinking hot and cold water

Benefits of drinking hot and cold water

Benefits of drinking hot and cold water
Benefits of drinking hot and cold water

Benefits of drinking hot and cold water honey and curd mixed water benefits and water purification plant.
Hot and cold water drinking benefits, honey and curd mixed water benefits and water purification plant

Today, social media is circulating a post about the benefits of drinking water
In which h wonderful benefits are being said, but some newspapers have not even been able to cure all the diseases like hot water treated.

There are some advantages of an empty stomach, but not as much as stated in the post.
Water is the same ele, meant that is important for human health. Always clean and clean and pollution-free water should be taken. Drinking water boiling can be protected from a number of diseases. People with warm mud should drink water from four to four glasses in the morning, but instead of a cold (bulb) holder, it should be used to spoon honey in semi-hot water instead of cold water in the morning. They will get rid of disorders related to oxygen.

The patients suffer from cholesterol, uric acid and acne should have a glass in water by moisturizing a spoon. Those who always suffer from low blood pressure should have a glass of salt in a glass and drink a number of lime, it will be from the patient. I should have a spoon honey and a number of lambs anthe d drink it at the drinks of people suffering from obesity. The mermaids should drink water and after the meal, but the cold mood should be half an hour before two meals and meals. One hour should drink two four lime water. The daily food should be avoided with cool water because the rice mills are cold. Uses the strength of the stomach of the gastrointestinal. Use various moderate water - which is neither hot nor cold, but usually its true condition.

Patients with permanent occupation should be pepper mouth and use water, mid and later before eating. Usually, the occupation of ancestors occurs in the intestines when the water ends cold due to cold strain.

And after hot meals, after eating dishes, after the meal, watermelon, and melon, after coming out of the sun, sleeping and drinking, hard work and after work, drinking after drinking milk and tea. Can be harmful. Water is always a sip a sip, there is also an implicit effect of drinking water due to a tall glass. It also looks like water should be accord, ing to the physical needs and capacity of water, or to produce water, profit, and heavy water. Can cause Try refreshing fresh water?

Nor should every person drink hot water without consulting the doctor because the water is hot due to effectiveness, due to which various diseases can lead to birth, while there is no moderate state in no water harm.

People who like cold water should know that after cold water, it seems solid, but solid foods contained in frozen foods. The speed of the patient slows down. When this solid substance interacts with acidic substances, the intestines in it melts and absorbs faster than solid intestines and collects on the intestines.It is better to use fat or semi-hot water because it is converted into fat and cancer, so it is better to use a coconut or semi-hot water. The cold water of the cold water also causes chronic fatty and nausea digestion. It also causes obesity-hence more tropical water than to be avoided.

After eating a meal, a hot drink is used almost roughly in the whole world - and this tradition is commonly shared throughout the world that a hot drink ia s used after every country in use. -
Properties have benefited only the benefits of drinking water, such as some of which are reliable but are mostly unverified.

Benefits of drinking hot and cold water
Benefits of drinking hot and cold water

Let's look at some benefits from the use of honey with hot water:

Who is not aware of honey's utility and importance? Since ancient times, it is used in both cases and diet. However, often it is also suggested to warm water with warm water with warm water. There is no doubt that the benefits of honey's nutrition and its body increase further. With the water of Ramadan, you will see amazing positive changes in your overall health.

1. Weight loss.

Those who want to lose weight, if they drink honey in a glass of hot water, they will be weighted quickly and no health will hurt. Usually, people are called honey with a few drops of honey, which adds to the efficacy of the fluid. This reduces the body's cholesterol and fat fats. The body also gets energy as well. For best results, honey water can be taken early and the night before sleeping.

2. A cough comes comfortably

Causes of a cough usually occur in a throat or a throat. Breasting of the honey water cleanses. Along with this water also cleanses the water from the chest. Lemon drops can be kept in hot water with honey for a cough. The anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties of this drink will cause relief in a cough.

3. The system is better digestive

Diagnostic digestion is caused by acute acidity. Also, due to stomach infections or occupation etc. may also worsen the disease. Honey water is very beneficial and useful for all these situations.

4. Flows away allergies

Honey is very useful for skin. Drinking it in the water gets cleaned out of the skin. Honey water is very beneficial to remove allergy on the skin. It also maintains the moisture of moisture and does not even dry.

5. Body gets strength

It removes the water shortage. If the body is moisture, it keeps dry and healthy. It is useful to drink honey water in the morning to wet and wet. Those people who slowly and slowly make the honey's water a part of their diet.

6. The disease is safe from the heart

Honey keeps the heart healthy and healthy. If the coconut is also kept in hot water with honey, the use of this water is the heart cells, which can lead to better blood in the body. The cholesterol level is also valid from this mixture. According to experts, the use of honey water can be reduced by cholesterol by ten percent. Drink one to two spoon honey and one third coconut powder in a little hot water.

7. Found defense improves

Honey is the treasure power. It gives the body the power to fight diseases and bacteria. Honey water acts like antibiotics against germs and bacteria. Drinking honey water regularly to prevent diseases.

Waterbody plays an important role in managing human bodybuilding and its machinery functions. In the absence of its immunity, the human body is involved in various problems involved. Through the water, the following functions are performed by the human body by virtue of 1. It helps in a large intestine through food absorbed. 3. Helps to keep blood in liquid condition .3. Due to the amount of water, the temperature of the body remains constant every season .4. It always keeps the membrane and helps the body glands to different moisture exit .5. Excludes fatty substances through the urine. Assistant in extortion emissions. According to an estimate, kidneys filter 37 gallons of blood daily from the human body. This is why possible the amount of water available in the blood is present. Benefits of puberty have many advantages, some of which are as follows:

Its effect is cold. It throws up and unconscious 'tiredness' hides and removes the occupation.

  1. * Useful of urine burnt and urine.
  2. * Body poisonous substance eliminates urine and sweat.
  3. * Supports food digestion. Saves many problems from the skin.
  4. * Prevent blood from being thick or bad.
  5. * Drinking water in a state of fever is far away.
  6. * The proper amount of water is necessary for the normal health of the body. Damage of damages
  7.   Water reduces foods in the blood. This causes blood to thicken. Furthermore, the following diseases can also be invading the human body.
  8. * Mermaid conditions such as occupation and abortion.
  9. * Getting dizzy.
  10. * Feel a headache and heavy pin.
  11. * Sustainability and weaknesses.
  12. * Lack of mouth and hunger. If there is a serious reduction in the water in the body (dehydration),          then the following conditions are created:
  13. * Fog of sight.
  14. * Reduction of hearing.
  15. * Dry skin.
  16. * Increasing pulse speed and breathing of breath.
  17. * Fights in the trick.

According to medical experts, the rate of diarrhea and other bacterial diseases can reduce 50 percent of the water of water. In other countries, rivers in the rivers and 'junk water' are some of the animals' waste and urine and groundwater misery. . Therefore, water is not even sterile. This dirty water spreads many diseases of diggers, including typhoid fever or an intestinal cough and skin.

Antioxidants' inflammation 'gas' stomach ulcers' upper' can also be derived from drinking and dirty water such as diarrhea and joint pain. Millions of lives are lost every year due to these diseases. Usually, it has also been observed that cities have a tendency or stomach pain or cardiovascular complaints. This disturbing situation also causes birth due to dirty water.

That's why it is very important that we can sperm used in a home to make a small problem disinfect. Government agencies plant a large quantity of plants and clean water through chemicals, but it is easy to boil water at home. It is a matter that first checks the water with a clean cloth. Then she got half an hour. After that cool water. In general, ground drain tanker is made to collect water.

 The water of these tanks can also be contaminated. If you have to use the next water mixture, then it is a very high way in it. Dr. Mark Davis, who is affiliated with University of Scotland Carolina, at Colombia, says, "Most of our affection is related to dirty water consuming inadequate food." That we should consider the quality of products being absorbed.

General attention is usually given to it. It is also true that we do not drink the right water according to our thirst and demand. It is said that the feeling of thirst is going to be minimized. "People are often thirsty, but they are hungry," says a specialist at Colombia University. "As many people are unable to distinguish between hunger and thirst.

During the meal, water should be consumed in water and water. But after a two-hour water consumed later. Morning Cats Drinking all the water is all the cures. Drinking a special amount of water increases the amount of food during a meal and a half-hour meal. These are the strong ingredients of food, and they are maintained by a body component.

Drinking water immediately after eating the food is weak and the body starts flowing. However, drinking the water during the meal makes the food digestive soon. But it's too moderate. If you do not feel hungry because of heat, it starts open by a cold hour an hour before eating. Those people who are occupied are 'Drinking water while eating.' Will continue to be tired. In addition, the belly in the morning keeps a glass of drinking water. Healthy health also treats diseases. We call it "cure acne" - "water treatment". This method of treatment is almost 100 years ago, discovered by Louie Kohny (Germany) and healing and treated. The basic concept of this treatment is that there is a disease due to accumulated substances in the body. Therefore, if the defective substance is removed, the disease is saved. Alcohol can be saved from many diseases.

We will only mention the abdominal disorders here:

  1.  Acidity.
  2. Rheumatrex
  3. Occupation.
  4. Piles

As per the treatment of the morning treatment, two glasses of water, but if there is moderate water, it will be watered after two hours after breakfast. Similarly eating water after lunch and dinner only after two hours. People who are in a normal condition of illness or health are in normal condition and cannot drink kilogram water or two big glasses at the same time. Take one or two glasses. Then gradually and consistently, increase the quantity of four glasses. This method will continue to treat. It is also useful for healthy people besides illness. Getting healthy fitness while staying healthy with healthy illnesses. The treatment of this method causes most of the system of digestive diseases to be cured within three to six months.

Drinking water is also beneficial for other diseases, occupation, pressure blood, gas, diabetes, cancer, etc., is needed for the patient.

Drinking excessive urine will require more urine than usual, then the discomfort will be removed. Be careful of the bedsheets, clean the teeth well after sleeping after dinner. Take well after masque or toothpaste. Drink water if you ask for water, but do not eat anything. Sleep after that Take a glass of semi-hot or fresh water. At least fifty or more, do not eat an hour or so for anything. Start the process with a glass on the first day. Take it to four glasses, stretching it within the weekend. Remember, it can be used instead of hot water, you can use moderate minerals water - but there is no restriction on the process, you can take three to six or six years -

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