What is the processor and how does the processor work

What is the processor and how does the processor work.

What is the processor and how does the processor work
What is the processor and how does the processor work

 Without a computer laptop without a processor, it is certain that all computer laptops have a processor in the mobile, though in a way the processor is the brain of the computer and you know that If you do not have brains then you cannot do any work like this if your computer does not work.
If you want to know about the processor, then read this article completely if you are running a computer, then CPU name must be heard, definitely called the processor microprocessor and the full form of the CPO is the central processing unit.

What is the processor and how it works

It is made of silicon, which contains many transporters i.e. there are millions of transponders in it. If we talk about a modern processor, it has a crore of transponders, friends, we know that computers are just binary language Understands as a (01) 1 means that the switch on 0 of the bulbs means that the bulb switch off of the beans is the same thing in our transporter. If the voters also turn on and off, then they will explain the activity in our computer. Ours understands the command and works on what we give commands and it looks like Square type is visible in front of it, small collectors are attached to it, who gets fit by going to the motherboard...

What is Core in Processor?

If we talk about core so core  tells us  the power of working of our possessor , if the processor is a single core then you will not be able to do much work and your computer will hang up soon, which will be expensive laptop computer or mobile 2 core 3 core 4 core 5 core 6 core The processor is inserted which increases the working power of our laptop computer or mobile and some of which are.

  1. Dual Core Processor
  2. Quad Core Processor
  3. Hexa Core Processor
  4. Octa Core Processor
  5. Deca Core Processor.

The basis of the processor is on (GHz) is measured in GHz, which will be a processor of a more core, the power to do its work will be higher, because of this, people buy good processor laptop computers or mobile phones.

The five main companies that make up the processor There is a lot of company making processors but I have told about five main companies:

  1. Intel
  2. AMD
  3. IBM
  4. Motorola
  5. Samsung

The two best-selling companies, both Intel and AMD, make a very good processor.

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