What is the difference between Nokia X7 and 7 Plus 2018

What is the difference between Nokia X7 and 7 Plus 2018

What is the difference between Nokia X7 and 7 Plus
What's the difference between Nokia X7 and 7 Plus

Back in February, HMD Global announced about 5 phones, out of which Nokia 7 Plus was. Soon this phone reached India at a price of 25,000 rupees. Since then, HMD has launched a number of phones with the aim of rapidly expanding its portfolio and getting a good share of the smartphone market. This week, the company announced another new smartphone named Nokia X7 in China. In all the possibilities, this phone will be launched globally in the form of Nokia 7.1 Plus and it is a great opportunity that it will soon come to India.

Nokia X7 runs in Nokia X6 and X5 stages. Nokia 6.1 Plus and 5.1 Plus both of these phones have been launched globally. These phones offer premium designs on competitive pricing, which also brings Nokia X7. You can call Nokia 7 Plus a true successor, even if the HMD is not clearly mentioning it. Both phones share some common characteristics, but in the case of the new Nokia X7, things take things a step-down. You need to know this.

Nokia X7 vs Nokia 7 Plus Design

Nokia X7 or Nokia 7.1 Plus has a design that is a combination of Nokia 7.1 as well as Nokia 7 Plus which was launched earlier this year. It brings a side edge display with a footboard and a chin and a layer of the front and rear glass, similar to the Nokia 6.1 Plus. However, the frame is close to Nokia 7 Plus, which has chambered edges and series 6000 aluminum frames which are flat instead of spherical.

The Nokia X7 plays 6.18-inch FHD + display on a compact form factor, while the Nokia 7 Plus is a larger device, but with a 6-inch FHD + display. This is because betel is more prominent on Nokia 7 Plus, though it is an 18: 9 display. Specifically, while 7 Plus gets standard IPS display, Nokia X7's display adds HMD pure display technology that improves contrast and colors and also supports HDR 10.

The second major difference between the two phones with design perspective is that Nokia 7 Plus does not come with a glass back. Instead, the Nokia 7 Plus Series is machined out of a block of 6000 aluminum. This six-layer ceramic coating is super smooth and curved around the antenna line hiding edges. Both phones provide a smooth and rich design and lack attentional antenna lines. Both phones also get copper/silver accents behind the frame, camera module, and fingerprint sensor.

Nokia X7 vs Nokia 7 Plus specification

As far as the specs are concerned, the Nokia X7 is definitely a step on at least one paper from Nokia 7 Plus. It receives the latest Snapdragon 710 chipset, which is a flagship-grade mid-range chipset that we can expect to see on a more affordable smartphone in the coming months. SD 710 is a more powerful processor than Snapdragon 660, which gives power to the Nokia 7 Plus. However, we have not yet got the hands on the SD-710 smartphone in India so we can not say how much improvement the SOC is on the SO 660.

Snapdragon 660 is a great mid-range chipset and I have seen it very well with Nokia 7 Plus, RealMax2 Pro and Mi A2. Nokia X7 should be offered a similar offer if there is no better experience with SD 710 with 6 GB RAM. Now, Nokia 7 Plus is an Android One device that ships with Android Oreo and the first Nokia phone to be updated on Android 9pi. Nokia X7, when it comes to the global level as Nokia 7.1 Plus, also has an Android One device with OreO Out of the Box. As far as software is concerned, both devices should provide a consistent, bloat-free and customized user experience.

The cameras are quite similar on both the Nokia X7 and Nokia 7 Plus. For one thing, they come with two optical xs. Behind the Nokia 7 Plus, the dual camera setup includes a 12-megapixel primary sensor F / 1.75 lens and a dual pixel autofocus and a 13-megapixel telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. Nokia X7 gets an inverse reversal with the 13-megapixel primary IMX 363 sensor with F / 1.8 aperture and 1.4 microns pixels and 12-megapixel secondary sensors. In particular, the camera receives OIS + EIS support on the X7, which was missing on some Nokia 7 Plus.

After all, Nokia X7 gets 3,500 mAh battery, which is larger than Nokia X6 and X5, but Nokia is smaller than 7 Plus. The latter has a 3,800 mAh, which reaches two days of solid battery life according to our experience with the device.

Earlier this year, the Nokia 7 Plus was launched in India at Rs 25,999. Looking at the track record of HMD, we hope that the Nokia X7 will soon come to India as Nokia 7.1 Plus. When this happens, the device will replace the Nokia 7 Plus with the same mid-range pricing

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