The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 comes with a glass sandwich design

The Samsung Galaxy A7 21018 comes with a glass sandwich design and it feels light despite packing 3,300 mAh battery

The Samsung Galaxy A7

If we look at mid-range smartphones recently, most of them look the same. Post the Apple iPhones X (review) launch last year, we all knew that many Android handsets always take inspiration from the design, but to say the least, the rate of adoption for this controversial design choice has been amazing. Thankfully, Samsung has not yet offered this bandwagon (yet!) And the company is choosing slim-bezel design on its mid-range and flagship offerings. However, it is not to say that the brand is experimenting with its new offerings. With the new unveiled Galaxy A7 (the first impression), in the case of the case, the company launched its first phone with Triple Camera setup. Does this unique edge in optical hardware provide handsets with unique camera display? Read our detailed review below to find out.

Design and Performance.

As we have mentioned in our initial impressions, the Galaxy A7 feels very close to it. However, it does not feel too big in hand. Glass sandwich design is surely feel premium phones but costs to be fingerprint magnet at the cost of the phone. The triple camera setup with the back face is located in the vertical left side of a vertical orientation, in which an LED flash is placed below. One with an integrated fingerprint sensor is located on the bone of the right spine of the power button smartphone, Galaxy J 6+ (review) we recently reviewed. In the case of the Galaxy J6 +, the power button is not very touchy and you can take some time before using it in the placement.
Volume buttons are located just above the power button and you will need to adjust your grip when using the phone with one hand. The SIM card slot is present on the left spine, while micro-USB charging ports, 3.5mm audio jacks, and loudspeaker grill are all located below the smartphone. We are screaming about this for a while but in this price range, a new smartphone should ideally shipping with a USB Type-C charging port.
Coming to the display, the 6-inch Super AMOLED panel comes with FHD + resolution. Beazel cannot be specifically said to be thin, but it is never used as a problem in daily use. Samsung has moved ahead with the 18.5: 9 aspect ratio for the display as can be seen on some of the brand's proposals. Since we are talking about a super AMOLED panel, the colors are punchy and vibrant. It seems a tad oversaturated but it is now an acceptable truth. The display achieves decent glow levels to ensure outdoor use and viewing angles. To keep it simple, if you are planning to watch Netflix on your new phone, the Galaxy A7 will not disappoint you. Samsung has retained the reputation of offering capable display panels and the Galaxy A7 is no different. Here's a look at the smartphone design.

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The Galaxy A7 is Samsung's first phone in which behind is a third camera setup. Now, by all means, this handset has a clear USP and Samsung wants you to know that three camera sensors are able to click on some serious shots. For irregular, on the Galaxy A7, in the Triple Camera setup, F / 1.7 aperture and PDAF support, 5 MP depth sensor with F / 2.2 aperture and 24 MP primary sensor with 8 MP wide angle sensor with F / 2.4 is. Aperture Under this vertically oriented camera module, there is an LED flash to help smartphone in poor light conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy A7

samsung_galaxy_a7_review_shots2 In the default camera app, you do not even need to dive deeper before you get into the wide-angle feature. In Auto mode, the Wide-angle option presents itself on the Home screen. In particular, this wide-angle option is available only with Auto mode. When clicking on the pictures, you will realize that you do not need to physically return to bring the subjects into the frame. We took most of the images with wide angle lenses during our testing because it enables us to capture a big picture. Images taken through wide-angle mode have a little fish-eye effect, but it is not noticeable at the point where it will reduce the quality of the picture or it looks as if we are watching a glass ball. Are there. A wide-angle lens is a good addition to the phone, but there is nothing that makes smartphone photography revolutionary.
Other approaches on the offer include Panorama, Pro, Sean Optimizer, Beauty, Live Focus, Slow Speed, AR Emoji and Hyperlamps. Sean Optimizer mode, as you might have guessed by name, allows the phone to detect the scene and enhance accordingly. In our use, this mode did not add an unnatural voice in the images but did micro-enrichment, which were mostly civilized. The handset's back camera setup managed to take some decent shots for us, most of them in daylight and outdoor conditions. Inside the house, the pictures clicked by the handsets look a bit tremendous. Overall, the pictures clicked by the Galaxy A7 could have improved the level of detail. Unfortunately, in the night conditions, there is a lot of noise in the pictures taken from the Galaxy A7 and we had to fight a few times to get a decent picture.
For self, comes with a giant 24 MP sensor with the Galaxy A7 F / 2.0 aperture. The front camera sensor is capable of taking some impressive shots. After disabling beauty mode, which makes the skin lubricate greatly, you will be able to take some self with some good information, while providing you the position of proper lighting.

Performance and software.

Galaxy A7 Android 8.0 Oreo-based Experience runs out of UI 9.0 and you may have seen on the company's recent handsets that come with the standard set of apps. You receive Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Shopping, and Delight apart from Samsung Mall, Samsung Max, and Samsung Pay Mini app. As we've seen before in many Samsung phones, there is a game launcher app that helps you manage the notification and other phone settings to help the game play smoothly.

Some Google and Microsoft Office applications are also pre-installed on the phone. If you have used the Samsung phone before, you will not be bothered by the UI, but any person using Stock Android will prefer a more leaked version of the UI.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 is powered by an Octa-Core Xinos 7885 SOC, which is a clock at 2.2GHz. The handset is available with 64 GB or 128 GB storage with 4 GB or 6 GB RAM. Surprisingly, while switching between UI and switch between apps, we had to face occasional problems with the phone. However, as we mentioned earlier, these were occasionally. The handset managed to run most of the apps and games without any significant hiccups. A little demanding game will work better with a more powerful processor, but most users will be able to do this throughout the day without any such issue. Since there are handsets now in this price range that provides the flagship-grade processor, Samsung should seriously consider the processor choice for its mid-range devices.

Battery life.

For a smartphone that does not take too much weight, it is in the 3,300 mAh battery instead of the Galaxy A7 pack. In our HD Video Loop Test, the handset fell from 100% battery level to 20 percent in about 14 hours. Even though we keep these test results aside, in daily use, the Galaxy A7 has been able to run throughout the day for use.

Specifically, the handset leaves the battery level at a higher rate than the other phones in standby mode but overall, the battery backup provided by the Galaxy A7 is decent and most users should stay for a full day. If you are a heavy user, you may have to catch a wall charger by the end of the day. Since there is support for fast charging, this should not be an issue.

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