SBI card fraud transaction |what is google Octro Transaction

SBI card uses careful fraud case

SBI card uses careful fraud case
SBI card uses careful fraud case

I'm working and suddenly a message comes. The message is written in Google Octro transaction successful and ₹ 250 cut. There has been a flurry of messages, not one but constantly, every second. Money was cut. More than 10 messages came in 15 minutes intervals and finally, the account was cut to ₹ 12,000.

When calling the customer care, he said that we can only block the card and cannot tell where the transaction is going from. For this, you have to go to the bank customer care denied anything and said that it is not authorized for it. This is not the first and last chance when the case of fraud has come to light on SBI's card.

SBI card uses careful fraud case

Earlier, there have been many such cases where the customer has been looted millions, similar to the government officials, a few months ago, a similar fraud has happened. They also send messages of Google Octro transaction continuously and cut the account by ₹ 70000 The same happened to them as it happened today. After one successive message came and continued to cut the money. In June, the officer told TI that neither the police nor the bank gave any accurate information about the spot. Neither the police has told this about why the money went missing and what went wrong, nor did the bank officials.

The big question arises that who is doing this fraud and how are they doing such fraud from other countries? Why does the State Bank of India not issue any statement about this fraud? Why does Google Fraud lie with the State Bank of India bite?

What is google Octro?

When we checked the matter After all, what is Google Octro? There is a company. Makes a game which makes games more popular on the Google Play Store, the company claims that its games play more than 1 million every day.

This game of Octro ink is present on the Google Play Store.

Three Strip Live, Tambola Hous, Camera Live, Battle Dunky, Card Royal, Sleep Set, & Ladder Poker Life, and Ludo Live It is worth noting that Octro is a company of Noida. And the game makes it possible to have a conversation with this company.

Now, according to Google, what is the meaning of such transactions?

Information about unauthorized charge has been found on the Google support page. If you do this with you then you can get help from it.

According to Google, if the name of Google App Developer is written in the message of money cut, then it is only on Google Play transaction. In this case, exactly the same message has come. A customer got the message of Google Octo That is the Octro developer about which we have already mentioned and it has been a transaction on Google Play.

That is, it is clear that this transaction has been done through Google Play. But this is a fraud because the customer has neither given information to the card nor has played the game. According to Google, the first customer has made sure that the child of the house does so, so check it.

If you are convinced that there is no involvement in the transaction, then you can complain in the Google support team, but such a shine is to be compliant within 15 days.

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