Oneplus 6t release date in India,price leaks news 2018

OnePlus 6T release date in India, price, news and leaks 2018

OnePlus 6T release date in india, price, news and leaks 2018

OnePlus 6T launch date has now been confirmed for October 30 this year, and we are starting to see more than OnePlus 6T leaks and real facts online.
Update: OnePlus has confirmed that after the announcement of OnePlus 6T on October 30, it will reach stores on November 6. The company has also revealed that the fingerprint scanner will be optical rather than ultrasonic.
OnePlus 6 is set to replace T-OnePlus 6, which itself is a successful phone management to match the handset.
While six monthly flagship turnarounds may look a bit faster, it is fast becoming standard with the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei, which launches a new premium device twice a year.
It's no surprise that OnePlus also does, and the OnePlus 6T will actually be the firm's ninth handset in its small 5-year existence.
We are pulling all OnePlus 6 T leaks, rumors and facts together, and we have also thought about what we want to see with the new OnePlus phone.

Cut to the chase.

  •   what is this? Next T-Variant Flagship with OnePlus.
  •   When is it October 30 launch, November 6 in stores?
  •   What will it cost? Maybe at least $ 52 9 / £ 469 (about $ 840).

OnePlus 6T release date.

  •  Confirmation for OnePlus 6T Launch Date Oct 30.
  •   Kill the store on 6th November.

OnePlus has confirmed that it is hosting the official launch for 6T in New York on October 30. It will be in 11AM EST / 8AM PST / 3 PM GMT (1 AM ET the next day).
If you are quick enough to buy tickets, you can go ahead with the event, but it will also survive on the official OnePlus website and YouTube worldwide so that you can catch it wherever you live.

When you actually will be able to get OnePlus 6T, then that date has now been revealed on November 6th.

And if you pre-order, then you can get some free with it, because one Amazon India list says that you get free USB-C earphones and some Amazon credits. We will not rely on pre-order bonuses that are essentially available in all areas but do not be surprised if you have some kind of pre-order.

OnePlus 6T price

Most leakage
  •    OnePlus 6 ($ 529, £ 469, around AU $ 840) will cost more.

We do not know the price of OnePlus 6T, but the company has said that the price will be responsible for the valuable new components (most notably in-screen scanners).
This is not surprising, because one plus started from 6 $ 529 (around £ 469, around AU $ 840) and prices are slowly rising after the return in 2014.
But the price of OnePlus 6T will increase, yet it will not be anywhere near the choice of iPhone Xs and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

In the US, you may be able to buy OnePlus 6T for the first time by a carrier, because OnePlus has said it is looking into it, and recently the rumors tell that the Chinese firm will open a partnership with T-Mobile US.

OnePlus 6T Design and Display.

The hottest leakage:
  •   A teardrop notch and minimal bezel
  •   No IP rating

OnePlus 6T may not be official yet but there are some features because OnePlus has confirmed that the phone will have an on-screen scanner called Screen Unlock.
We also know that it will be an optical scanner rather than a more accurate and safe ultrasonic option.
OnePlus has revealed that as a result of claiming an in-display fingerprint scanner in OnePlus 6T, it will be 0.45 mm thick compared to Windus 6, possibly making it 8.25mm thick in overall form.
Clearly, there will be more unibody design than its predecessor in the phone.
The company did not say anything about the design, but we have seen some leaked images which are obviously official marketing shots, so if it is true then they should show the last design of the OnePlus 6T.
They show a teardrop notch above the screen rather than the bigger one on the OnePlus 6, while the back has a dual-lens camera, but the flash is thrown a bit because there is no fingerprint scanner.
With the presenters, the source claims that the one plus 6 T is 157.5 x 75.7 x 8.2 mm, which is growing up to 8.6 mm where the camera sticks, making it slightly bigger than one plus 6 and thicker.
However, we have also seen leak render first, which look similar but show a triple-lens rear camera.
So we are not certain that it is still accurate, but most rumors suggest that only one lens camera in OnePlus 6T will be the camera.
We have also seen many pictures showing the retail box, which easily includes a sketch of OnePlus 6T.
That sketch matches the presenters above, which shows a single lens camera, a thin bezel beneath the screen and a fingerprint icon on the display, which indicates just the in-screen scanner.
The images, which you can see below, do not show behind the OnePlus 6T, but the design is similar to Orpo R17 and Oppo R17 Pro, and this is the reason to believe that OnePlus 6T can share many Oppo Features found on R17
This is because the previous one plus handsets are similar to passing through the Oppo phone (both manufacturers own a single firm), so the link here is not so difficult.
This may mean that the OnePlus 6T has a full HD + screen of 6.4 inches, 8 GB RAM, a 25 MP front-facing camera and either a 16 MP / 5MP dual-lens rear camera or a triple-lens. That setup has been found on R17 Pro.
The phone has a 12 MP Variable aperture lens which can switch between F / 1.5 and F / 2.4 aperture, 20 MPF / 2.6 lenses and a TOF (time-of-flight) 3D stereo lens. The last person can measure the depth, which makes it always useful for both the popular Bokeh / Portrait mode and the increased reality.
One thing is that we know that there will not be an IP rating in Oneplus 6T, which means that it will not have the official water resistance rating, although the company has said that it will still be more water resistant than its previous handset.

OnePlus 6T Camera

The hottest leakage:
  •  A dual or triple-lens rear camera
As mentioned above, OnePlus 6T has OPO R17 (which has 16 MPs and 5 MP dual-lens pairs) or OPPO R17 Pro (which has 12 MP Variable Aperture Lenses which can switch between F / 1.5 ) And an F / 2.4 aperture, a 20 MPF / 2.6 lens and a top 3D stereo lens - so three lenses in total).
But we are not sure which of them (if any of them) would be like, like leak render shows three lenses above, there is a suggestion that there can only be two in it.
One thing is to leak down the bottom, which only shows two lenses, but there is also an official teaser video for the phone, which includes a glimpse at the back. Unfortunately, its part is covered by someone's hand so we can not ensure that there is no lens cover, but only two are visible.
However, although there are many lenses, the camera can be good at OnePlus 6 but there is not enough match for some rivals.
We say that another leak suggests that it is ready to get 99 points on Doxmark (a respected camera review site). This is more than 96 of the OnePlus 6, but less than many other phones.

OnePlus 6T power and performance

Most leakage

  • Sent to keep the latest Snapdragon 845 chip and 8 GB RAM

OnePlus 6T definitely ensures the best Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset available with people of RAM (one-plus 6 came with 6 GB or 8 GB choice).
However, do not expect the MicroSD card slot on the basis of the previous format, while the screen resolution is too many question marks - OnePlus is constantly stuck with full HD resolutions, but it is now feeling more dated, sooner or later We will expect to jump on QHD or higher.

OnePlus 6T headphone jack

  •   OnePlus has confirmed that 6T will not have a headphone jack
  •  This will include a 3.5mm jack adapter in the box

There will be no one in it. OnePlus co-founder Karl PE has specifically confirmed to TechRadar that its next handset will release the headphone jack.
OnePlus believes that now is the right time to remove Jack, and it allows it to bring new technology into the handset (like leak in-display fingerprint scanner) as well as better battery life.
To reduce the pain and loss of headphone jack, OnePlus is doing two things.
The OnePlus 6T box will contain an adapter, allowing you to plug in your 3.5mm connected headphone handset - although you will not be able to charge it at the same time.
OnePlus has also announced its Type-Bullet headphones, which can plug directly into the OnePlus 6T USB-C port without the need of the adapter. They will cost £ 15.99 and will reach the phone later this year.

OnePlus 6T Battery life.

  1. Confirmed: battery life improves on OnePlus 6T vs. 
  2. Battery size can be 3,700 mAh
  3. No wireless charging

OnePlus has confirmed to TechRadar that the OnePlus 6T will have a better battery, but it is not clear how to get the correction.
This may be the use of more efficient chips, changes in screen technology, increasing battery size, or mixing of things - but one plus will not be dragged into giving this information to us at this point.
It seems that a large battery plays at least one role because a leak reveals that the OnePlus 6T will have 3,700 mAh, which will be above 3,300 MAH in OnePlus 6.
We also know that there will be no wireless charging in OnePlus 6T because the company has confirmed it.

OnePlus 6T: What we want to see.

We do not even know anything about OnePlus 6T yet, but based on OnePlus 6 and what else the phone is going on in the world, we know what we want from it.

1. A QHD and/or HDR screen.

One of the most obvious ways OnePlus is with the screen to keep the cost of its handset. To date, every Oneplus flagship has come with a full HD resolution display, but now it is not standard on the top of the mobile market.
The QHD (2K) resolution now decorates many of the top Android smartphones, and with a rising screen size of the recent one plus handset, a higher resolution would also mean a faster screen.
There is an argument that the difference between full HD and QHD is not so obvious, and for many people this is true - hence onePlus 6T: Here is a different suggestion for the HDR (High Dynamic Range).
If the OnePlus 6T screen has HDR support, then it will make movies and gaming even better, in which increased light and dark areas provide additional depth and immersion.

2. A huge 512 GB storage.

This will not be a cheaper option, but this is what will make the hardcore one plus happy because the company appears to be dead-set with an expandable storage option on their devices.
We have already tampered 512 GB for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so this will not be the first to scale the storage, and that means we can get mad with 4 video recording and Netflix downloads.

3. Keep headphone jack.

In one year, OnePlus has been very vocal or about the fact that he has placed a 3.5mm headphone port on his smartphone while others remove it from his device.
We want the port to remain on the OnePlus 6T, which offers the flexibility to be able to plug users into their favorite sets of headphones, which also provides USB-C port, just if you need to charge the phone it occurs.

4. Stereo Speakers

There is only one speaker in OnePlus 6, and its placement on the basis of the phone makes it easy to muffle, so we want to move it ideally and surely it should double for OnePlus 7, in which the second speaker is loud Are allowing stereo sound
Of course, you will probably use headphones much, but if you have a quality speaker setup you only want to see a YouTube video or listen to the podcast without having to plug in it.

5. No footprint

OnePlus 6 is one of the most recent phones to get a rung, and if you prefer it can be hidden, what would we really like for the OnePlus 6T, there is absolutely no footprint.
But we do not want to return to Big Bizzle. We are starting to look at phones such as Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X, which is almost nonexistent, and we want to join OnePlus 6T to join them - which is not out of the question seeing the above Oppo / OnePlus connection.

6 An In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner.

Along with the all-screen design, we want to keep OnePlus 6T in-screen fingerprint scanners. In this way, the phone could still have a scanner without being oddly placed behind.
And in-screen scanners are currently a high tech innovation, and one person can also help to get out of the crowd of OnePlus 6T - or at least match it, depending on whether onePlus 6T How many phones are there until the launch.
The good news is that since we have added it to our wish list, OnePlus has now confirmed that there will be one in the 6T.
We also expect to see Google Pixel 3 before the year

7. Wireless Charging

Despite Glass Beck, OnePlus 6 does not support wireless charging, which seems like a major default for a major phone.
This is probably a cost-cutting method - and in a sense, it sounds reasonable because we suspect that wireless charging is a very useful feature - but it would be good.

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