Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB Review 2018

Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB Review

apple iphone xs max

At Rs. 14499, the iPhone Xs Max is not only the most expensive iPhone, but it is also the best. Its performance is far from its Android counterparts, but when it comes to the camera, it hardly manages to crawl behind pixel 2 XL. The iPhone XS Max can be an ideal smartphone for many users, including everything best, but you are bound to bounce at a price, especially when you feel that there is no fast charger in the box, but 3.5 The power for the mm converter has also been removed.             


  • IP-68 Rated
  • The A12-Bionic is by far the fastest SOC in the market
  • The classroom-leading performance with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision certification.


  • Unnecessarily expensive.
  • No sharp charger in the box.
  • No Lightning-to-3.5mm Convert.

Apple iPhone X Max 512 GB: Review Detailed.

A big but familiar design

Apple iPhone X Max looks like the old iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus mashup. That's because when you keep the iPhone X Max, you feel that you are holding the old iPhone 8 Plus. Two phones are of the same size, each of Max's dimensions is 1mm. While Xs Max has left a few millimeters of its size, but it has gained 6 grams of weight. Another way of looking at the iPhone X Max is to think that Apple has created a big iPhone X that matches the dimensions of the iPhone 8 Plus. Either way, if you are a user of Apple's 'Plus' series smartphone, then the iPhone X Max will feel incredibly familiar in size and size.
However, the phone will be different from your hand. iPhone X Max uses familiar glass-sandwich design, in which the "hardest glass" made of the front and back panel has been used by the apple ever. The stainless steel frame feels incredibly posh and sometimes gives the impression that it is the source of extra theft. On the back, you will also find a vertically mounted dual camera unit in the upper left corner of the phone. Below is the lightning port with a speaker grill and microphone array. The right side of the frame has a big power button while the volume button and the silent switch is located on the left side of the frame. Glass panels beautifully blend into metal frames, giving the phone a seamless experience.
Apple has also updated the IP rating on the 2018 iPhones. The iPhone XS Max is now IP68 rated, with a special mention during the stay. So we dunked our lakhs and a half rupee review unit in water, coffee, Pepsi, and even Maazaa for 5 minutes each and the iPhone XS Max continues to function perfectly fine. After washing the phone with water well and letting it dry (especially the ports), the phone has not given any trouble whatever. However, we did not want to test the "hardest glass ever" because of it's glass and it can break.


The iPhone XS Max feels much like the previous plus model in the ergonomics, but now, there is no inadequate bezel on the front. You get a 6.5-inch OLED panel, which we will talk to in the next section.
Performance equal-any?
Apple iPhone X Max uses a super AMOLED panel built by Samsung and has a grand display to watch. A 6.5-inch display has a resolution of 1242x2688 which gives an effective pixel density of 458ppi to the screen. This time, on iPhone Xs Max, there is not just HDR 10 certification in the display, but Dolby Vision is also certified. Unless the review units made their way into our hands, Netflix had already pushed an update to allow Dolby Vision streaming content on iPhone X Max.
There is a great performance in iPhone X Max which is pre-calibrated and it's great to reproduce the colors of the content that you are looking at. By looking at the Dolby Vision enabled material of Netflix, you discover new information in its current breathing and in many cases, it's quiet breathing. The shows like Star Trek Discovery and changing Carbon look absolutely enjoyable. The big screen makes the viewing experience a lot better than the smaller iPhone Xs, but this is just a personal preference.

When the OLED panel manages to handle harsh sun well on iPhone X Max in and out of the real world. With the brightness of 750 Nights, there is no question about the screen being shiny for use in bright light. What was the minimum reflection and was also impressive. Unfortunately, if you are going out and putting a screen protector or tempered glass screen on the iPhone X Max, hope to hit the reflection.
HDR and vibration are not the only moves in the sleeve of iPhone Xs Max. The display now has a 120Hz detection rate, which means it registers the least finger touching finger. The panel also offers an exceptionally smooth visual experience which is free of charge. This is a demonstration that you do not want to be a screen protector. Another thing I saw while using the iPhone Xs is that the display is not easily messy. IT does not have fingerprints such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or even Google Pixel 2 XL. I also noticed that in general, oil from my skin really did not make any smears on the display. While using the phone for more than two weeks, the display has been cleaned only twice.

Now to address the elephant in the room; Numerology The trend of dark running by most of the Android OEM has created much evil against this design choice by Apple. Honestly, it is not very bad that most of the material gets the letter-box just below the notch. Any content that takes the entire screen will be limited to the lower edge of the notch, which can think that the above is wasted, but thankfully, this note provides a real purpose, which we Will talk together later section
Overall, the display on iPhone X Max finally gives to iPhone users, which Android users have enjoyed for years; Uninhibited by a big screen, beautiful screen ugly bezels.

Face Unlock and Note: End of TouchID

The notch is a universal 'dislike' design, but the reason for its appearance is different from the phones made by the Apple and Android smartphones. While Apple used the footprint to incorporate the sensor host to work on the face-work, Android manufacturers used it to add more "screens" to their phones. Samsung, ironically, is the only company that stays away from using a notch rather than embedding all the sensors in the thin stripe at the top.

Because of the footprint, users are able to take advantage of two features; FaceID and picture mode in selfies. The apple says that the face ID is faster on iPhone X, and when I have not compared, what I can definitely do is the fact that it is fast. Even though I was trying to unlock iPhone X Max for bright daylight or pitch in the dark, it still unknowingly unlocked. Unlike Samsung's Iris / Hybrid Unlock, for which the phone needs to be taken to the eye level, the face-ring works even when looking at the phone, or works even while trying to unlock it from unconventional angles. The most important thing is that it was fast enough to remember the fingerprint sensor once.
However, not all is peachy with FaceID. On three different occasions, my sister was able to unlock the phone by pointing her face. The phone was unlocked before the phone was closed (Face ID will not unlock if the phone is closed). It makes me a bit uncomfortable how little the control is in position. In fact, there was a recent report that the FBI forced a suspect to unlock his iPhone using FaceCid.

The face ID is definitely safe but the user should know that if a person grabs the iPhone on his face, he should immediately close his eyes so that the phone cannot be unknowingly unlocked, Could give full access to its content.

Performance To the MAX

The iPhone X Max is powered by Max Apple's new A12-Bionic chipset, which Phil Schiller claims is "the smartest, most powerful chip ever in the smartphone". It can not be wrong, given the fact that the A12-Bionic 7 Nm process is manufactured using TSM, there is a specialty of six core designs. 1.5 9 GHz (Low-Power Core) and 2 Vortex Core are 4 Tempest Corps running on 2.5 GHz (High Power Core). There are 4 GB LPDDRX RAM, Quad-Core GPU and an Oct-Core NPU for all the machine learning process being done in the phone. Unlike some Android OEM, Apple has never been following the big specification number because the performance of Apple's hardware-software optimization has to bid for itself. Along with the A12-Bionic, we now see every android phone chip out space in the market. For example, iPhone X Max made 46 9 2 and 10 997 runs in Geekbench's single and multi-core benchmark, which was significantly higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and even OnePlus 6. NTU scores were far from the competition, the benchmark by making 314399 runs. You can see the following chart for popular flagship smartphone benchmark numbers.

Dual Camera, Portrait Mode, and SmartHDR

We recently concluded a detailed comparison between the iPhone Xs, Google Pixel 2 XL (review) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (review) cameras, which is one of the three popular flagships that offer the best smartphone camera. The iPhone won by just one hair, but it shows how far new imaging setup has come.

Apple iPhone XS Max

Battery life.

During the main note, it was shared that the iPhone X Max will offer a one and a half hour battery life compared to the iPhone X. Stay away from waving the trust epic poetry and telling concrete numbers. They will not even reveal the battery capacity of the iPhone X Max, which we learned through different leopards is 3174 mAh. The ability is definitely at the bottom end of the spectrum for the flagship smartphone, which is coming to the second place of LG G7 + with 3000 mAh battery.

We used the Geckabench 4 battery test to determine how long the battery will last. In return, we got the number 5 hours and 52 minutes. Comparatively, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still displays 38 percent of battery remaining after running Geckebench 4 battery testing for exact time. However, in real life use as my primary device, the iPhone X Max will last easily for the next day. The phone will be pulled at around 8 in the charger every day and the next day will need to be charged again in the afternoon.

Charging the phone is now very interesting to talk about. New iPhone X Max supports fast charging; However, you will need a separate charger and cable to do this. The charger in question should be one that supports the USB-PD standard, which is quite easy to find. This trick is finding the lightning cable for the USB-C, which now only makes the apple. Thankfully, we have one and we tested the charging time of iPhone X Max using regular and fast charging methods. Regularly, charging the phone took about 2 hours, however, using the Pixel 2 XL USB-PD charger and our USB-C in the power cable, we used to make iPhone X Max 1 to 100 percent for 1 hour. And kept up in 29 minutes. In the first thirty minutes, the battery reached 40 percent, and for 10 minutes the battery of the phone was 55 percent. From that point onwards, the charging has slowed down. We also tried to charge iPhone X Max using a certified Belkin Wireless Charger and felt like wireless charging that there is nowhere near the viable option to top up your phone in the hours required.
Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB Review.
This is a genuine review, not a paid review, I published this for knowledge purpose only.
If you have any question write in the comments section.

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